• About us

    We are a team of engineers with extensive experience and technical knowledge in the different areas in which we provide professional services and seek for innovation and sustainability on an ongoing basis

    Advising and Services

    Business Opportunities and Services

    • Search for business opportunities in the areas agribusiness, energy and water
    • Contract management model ESCO
    • Commercial representations in different areas (technologies, equipment)
    • Risk analysis
    • Pre-investment studies for agri and food industry

    Energy Efficiency Management

    • Energetic diagnosis
    • Implementation of technological solutions
    • Implementation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) projects
    • Energy and thermal projects
    • Design and implementation of cogeneration systems, such as biomass, biogas, photovoltaic and hydric

    Water Efficiency Management

    • Diagnosis of water situation of companies
    • Implementation of clean technologies
    • Support for water regularization (Regulations)
    • Optimization of Extraction control (Monitoring)

    Monitoring and Control of Operations

    • Control of water resources extraction 
    • Cooling systems control 
    • Drying systems control (Fruit and Wood)
    • Generation and cogeneration systems


    • Design of refrigerated warehouses for fruits
    • Implementation of refrigeration systems
    • Implementation of post-harvest control systems
    • Proyect design with NCRE
    • Design of control systems (Monitoring)

    Engineering support for production processes

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